Winter pause

Since we're now entering the long pause of winter for active observations, I wanted to remind everyone that it's a good opportunity to peruse your old field pictures and find older data that you perhaps haven't loaded up to iNat yet, or forgot to, of thought you had but didn't in the end, for so many reasons.
Observations dating back to 2017 and earlier, before the Canaiad project was launched, are most likely to be in that category. I just started that exercise myself, and have found well over 100 "dormant" observations in my archives!

All these retrieved orphan observations have helped push out data toll to the 1,500 mark. Not bad for a specialized data bank that is still in its infancy!

So good luck with your data mining until next spring!

Dr. Phil

Posted on November 23, 2019 07:27 PM by redgarter redgarter


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