12 days of Christmas in the Carp Hills

Using information from iNaturalist, our eDNA project, and many hikes in the Carp Hills, we put together the 12 days of Christmas: the Carp Hills give to you . . . a diversity of life in its many forms.

Each day from December 25 to January 5 we highlighted a plant, animal, fungi, or bacteria that makes the Carp Hills home. We featured the unusual, the overlooked, and the unappreciated.

If you missed our social media posts, you can read all 12 days on our web site.

Days 1 through 6 -
Days 7 through 12 -

1. Star-Tipped Reindeer Lichen.

2. Wood Thrush and Hermit Thrush.
3. Swamp Milkweed.
4. Moths.
5. Slippery Elm and Rock Elm.
6. Smooth Greensnake.
7. Sedges.
8. Snowshoe Hare.
9. ...more ↓

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To record the bio-diverse flora and fauna of the Carp Hills in its three distinct areas: Canadian Shield gneissic rock barrens, Canadian Shield rocky upland forests and wetlands, and deciduous forests on calcareous (marble) intrusions. Administered by Friends of the Carp Hills. Visit our web site:

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