Carp Barrens Plant Monitoring 17 July 2021

JL Mason and ecologist Cathy Keddy conducted plant monitoring on the Carp Barrens Trail on 17 July 2021.
Under the Carp Barrens Monitoring Plan, Friends of the Carp Hills record the status of Regionally Significant plants located on and near the trail, which could be disturbed by trail use. Non-native species are also recorded. A checklist is filled-in and actions recommended to protect species and to remove non-native ones.
The tag "Plant Monitoring" is used to identify the plants observed during the annual monitoring exercise.

Highlights of this monitoring session:

  • increasing growth of non-native species all along the trail brought in on bike tires and shoes;
  • new orchid - Green Adder's-Mouth, found beside the trail; and
  • there seems to be a decline in Pink Lady's Slipper orchid at locations near the trailhead.

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To record the bio-diverse flora and fauna of the Carp Hills in its three distinct areas: Canadian Shield gneissic rock barrens, Canadian Shield rocky upland forests and wetlands, and deciduous forests on calcareous (marble) intrusions. Administered by Friends of the Carp Hills. Visit our web site:

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