Congrats to our Boulder-Denver City Nature Challenge winners!

We are pleased to announce the following winners of the 2019 Boulder-Denver City Nature Challenge:

Most Observations AND Most Species:
Lyn Simuns (lsimuns)

2nd Most Observations AND Most Species:
Phoebe Mertens (phoebemae)

Most Identifications:
Suzanne Dingwell (suzanne11)

Rarest observation:
Shalana Gray (shalana): Northern Leopard Frog

Best Bird photo:
Ann Cooper (wordswild): Meadowlark:

Best Mammal Photo:
Wieferi9, Abert’s Squirrel:

Best Reptile photo:
Kqmazur, Bullsnake:

Best Amphibian photo:
Santi Tabares (selasphorus): American Bullfrog:

Best Insect photo:
Frobi, Painted lady:

Best Plant photo:
Luke Wheeler (lukewheeler): Simpson’s Hedgehog Cactus:

Additional City Nature Challenge Superstars:
Tina Reimer (tlr06754)
Brian O. (Kleric42)
Jared Shorma (blazeclaw)
Bridget Sandoval (bridget_sandoval)

Congrats to you all! I (Melanie Hill) will be reaching out to each of you individually either through the iNaturalist messenger OR through email to let you know what prizes you won and where you can pick them up from in Boulder or Denver. If you have any questions, please send me an email at

Thanks to all for participating, and stay tuned for updates on the 2020 City Nature Challenge!

From your friends at:
The WILD Foundation, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, Metro Denver Nature Alliance

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Wonderful, spectacular, amazing observations!!! Really enjoyed seeing these great examples too. Great job. :)

Posted by sambiology over 1 year ago (Flag)

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