City Nature Challenge 2023 Results!

Thanks so much to everyone for another wonderful City Nature Challenge! It's always so incredible to see all the biodiversity in all these different places we call home, and we truly appreciate everyone who took the time to get outside and make an observation, helped with identifications, spread the word, held an event, and more! And of course a huge THANK YOU to all of our local organizers: they're the ones who make the City Nature Challenge happen in their cities, and this event would not be successful without them.

Since not every city uses iNaturalist for the CNC, we wanted to make sure to share the full collective results with all of you:

Total # of observations: 1,870,763
Total # of observers: 66,394
Total # of species documented: 57,227+, including more than 2,570 rare/endangered/threatened species
Most observed species: Mallard duck(Anas platyrhynchos)
Number of participating countries: 46
Number of participating cities: 482
See the infographic below for some interesting and fun finds from around the world!

And mark your calendars, next year's City Nature Challenge is April 26-29, 2024!

If your city doesn't currently participate in the City Nature Challenge and you wish it did, find someone willing to be your city's local organizer and have them fill out the "Interested in organizing for CNC 2024" form!


Posted on May 09, 2023 02:00 AM by kestrel kestrel


This is phenomenal; all the 1st time speicies and especially the Tiburon in Mexico, whoa.

Posted by like2find2 12 months ago

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