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The Hydnum Project was initiated because there’s something in it for everyone. With those teeth, neophytes can rest assured they’ve found a Hydnum – and bonus, some Hydnum species are prized edibles! More experienced individuals will have realized the need for: 1) research to determine what species we have in the province; and 2) the development of a local Hydnum key to help us reliably tease the species apart. The Foray NL Hydnum Project hopes to address both these gaps.

According to collections in the Foray NL herbarium, we have eight Hydnum species (H. albidum; H. repandum var. album; H. repandum; H. albomagnum; H. neorepandum: H. quebecense; H. rufescens; and H. umbilicatum. When Andrus Voitk sequenced his personal Hydnum collections, he found six more: H. neorepandum; H. subolympicum; H. subrufescens; H. submulsicolor; H. canadense; and H. mulsicolor . Long gone are the days when a ...more ↓

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Foray NL would like your help observing the Hydum species endemic to Newfoundland and Labrador. Please upload your Hydnum photos and descriptions.

If you have a microscope, we'd love to know the specimen's spore size, and the number of sterigmata on basidia.

For additional information on the project please see the Full Project Details in the NEWS tab for this ...more ↓

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