Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 - Overstrand's Journal

January 15, 2023

GSB Participants Certificates

Hi all
We have generated the participants certificates for 2022, and if you registered you should have received an email with the ling to the folder. To get a certificate generated you need to have made at least 10 records in a correctly registered area of the GSB2022.
What do you do if you did not receive an certificate?
you can check you have registered correctly here is a link to the list of iNaturalist usernames and names we use to generate certificates.
If our record is incorrect please email us.
to add your name you need to register as a participant, this can be done on our To find out more information about this event, check out our website at Great Southern Bioblitz

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December 12, 2022


Great Southern Bioblitz 2022: OVERSTRAND
Jenny Parsons (Pringle Bay Rewilding & CREW), Di Marais (Hermanus Botanical Society & Fernkloof Indigenous Nursery & CREW), Sandy Immelman and Magriet Brink (Kleinmond Fynbos & CREW) are the organisers for Overstrand BioBlitzing - both the annual Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) and the City Nature Challenge (CNC).

The Overstrand took part in the #GSB2022 for the second time in October and came first in the entire southern hemisphere - thanks to our brilliant biodiversity and the amazing passion of the folk who participated. On Friday 9th December the organisers met with Mayor Annelie Rabie to celebrate this amazing achievement. (Thanks to Clinton Lerm - Councillor - Overstrand Municipality for organising this photo opportunity.)
Over the four days of the GSB the 171 observers in the Overstrand recorded 19 808 observations and a total of 2 623 different species – highlighting how unique and biodiverse of area is.

The GSB organisers invited Adele Scheepers Lamprecht of Betty's Bay to celebrate the incredible results she achieved as she not only obtained the highest number of observations over the bioblitz (1 265) but the highest number of species too (429)! This is remarkable and the Overstrand Bioblitz team are very grateful to her for her huge effort and constant dedication.

The team also wishes to thank everyone who assisted, organised outings, took photos and helped with the identifications. Our incredibly diverse biosphere has been recognised worldwide through this, which will assist with conservation efforts as well as eco-tourism.

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November 24, 2022


We are so very proud of how well our little part of the world did in the Great Southern Bioblitz this year - coming first is quite an achievement! And this was only possible thanks to the help of the GSB organisers as well as the team for Southern Africa and all of the individuals and organisations that made the effort to get out there and observe, upload and ID.

We would like to make special mention of the Top 3 in the various categories:

Adele Scheepers Lamprecht, Suzette35 and Jenny Parsons

Adele Scheepers Lamprecht, Jenny Parsons and Fynbos_Adventures

Tony Rebelo (Cape Town, SANBI staff), Diana Studer (Cape Town), Derek Silberblatt (Hermanus).



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November 17, 2022

Please send your feedback ...

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Yes - thanks to the amazing biodiversity around us and the wonderful folk who captured this during the Great Southern Bioblitz - Overstrand came first in the entire southern hemisphere!
Our second participation in GSB - and what a result! Thank you ALL for your role in achieving this. It is very clear that we are an incredibly unique and precious part of the planet ... even though we are such a tiny piece of it ... we need to ensure every measure is in place to preserve this - always!

Thank you Clinton Lerm - Councillor - Overstrand Municipality for OM's support.

My heartfelt gratitude to the three ladies who worked with me to make this possible:
Jenny Parsons of Pringle Bay Rewilding
Magriet Brink of Kleinmond Fynbos
Di Marais of Hermanus Botanical Society & Fernkloof Indigenous Nursery

And of course to Tony Rebelo and Rupert Koopman, SANBI, CREW, Betty's Bay Conservancy and the Botanical Society of South Africa.
Huge congrats to:
Cape Town - 3rd place
Garden Route - 4th place
Overberg - 5th place (on their first attempt!).
Southern Africa sure showed off our amazing environment!

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November 16, 2022

So that's a wrap for GSB 2022 - by Tony Rebelo

Thank you everybody for your participation, your help with planning, organizing, observing, identifying and sundry other tasks that make for a great event.

Currently, the overall standing is:

1 Overstrand 19,807
2 Colombia 18,842
3 Cape Town 15,048
4 Garden Route 11,737
5 Overberg 10,294

1 Colombia 2,572
2 Overstrand 2,398
3 Garden Route 2,334
4 Cape Town 2,236
5 Coffs Harbour Region 1,791

1 Cape Town 334
2 Greater Sydney 275
3 Colombia 234
4 Greater Adelaide 176
5 Brisbane City QLD 173

Turning to Southern African results.
97,988 Observations
9,738 Species
1,406 Identifiers
1,581 Observers

Thanks to all our observers:
top 5 observers - observations
1 tonyrebelo 2,540
2 jandrevanzyl 1,470
3 hhodgson 1,448
4 sandraf 1,367
5 linkie 1,341

top 5 observers - species
1 linkie 727
2 sandraf 667
3 hhodgson 490
4 troos 485
5 nicky 478

top 5 identifiers
1 tonyrebelo 7,555
2 dianastuder 3,369
3 traianbertau 2,925
4 rjpretor 2,564
5 sedgesrock 2,148

50.5% of observations were Research Grade
4.7% were casual grade

Plants accounted for 65% of observations
Insects for 19% and birds 5%.

See our faves here: thanks everyone for the great photos and sounds, and for voting for the best observations.

Congratulations. Well done especially to our top teams. Positions Internationally:
Overstrand: 1 on observations, 2 on species,
Cape Town: 1 on observers, 3 on observations, 4 on species,
Garden Route: 3 on species, 4 on observations,
Overberg: 5 on observations.

Thanks to @tonyrebelo

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November 11, 2022

20 Observations needed: dig deep

20 behind Huila Colombia - anyone forgotten to upload some pictures?

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November 10, 2022

Last few steps ...

PLEASE - check on your observations every day or two!

The goal is to get every observation to Research Grade. This status is achieved when a 'Verifiable Observation' has been reviewed and the community is in agreement on the ID. The observation will now be shared with the ALA and other iNat partners. For the observation to be Research Grade, there must be a 2/3 consensus on the identification of the species.

I find this easiest on my phone (but it is also very easy on your computer).
On your phone click the 3 grey lines top left.
Click on ACTIVITY (it will show you in green any new activities).
My Content will show - with new activities in green. Click on each one. If someone has given the same ID as you - yay! Research Grade! If someone has suggested an alternative ID you can choose (a) ignore it if you think they're wrong ... wait for more people to add their suggestions or (b) click agree. Once 2/3 of the given IDs are the same, your observation will reach Research Grade.

If you are knowledgeable about any of the flora or fauna, please go to our project and check if you can add your IDs to help this process.

Nearly there ... 14th is the last day for uploading and IDing.

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November 02, 2022

And now what?

Instructions for the identification phase of the Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 can be found here:

Fore the latest updates, if you have not already, please join

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November 01, 2022

GSB 2022 - Next Steps

Firstly - a huge thank you to everyone that took part in the Great Southern BioBlitz 2022 - it was a fun four days (mostly 😉)!

You now have 14 days to upload all of your photos, but please aim to be done by the 8th of November so that there is still time for identifications to be done.

  • You can add as many photographs of an observation as necessary for accurate IDing (e.g. whole bush, a branch, a flower, back of a flower).
  • Do not add photographs of different things in an observation - just one subject per observation.
  • Keep checking your observations regularly to ensure that all your finds are identified. If someone has made a suggestion click AGREE if you agree (you do not have to if you disagree). This step is extremely important as we need ALL observations to reach RESEARCH grade in order to be useful for scientists around the world.
  • Help with identifying other people's observations where you can (you might only feel comfortable IDing one or two things - search for them and add your ID suggestion).

A huge THANK YOU to the organisers of each event and those who motivated folk to join in ... we could not have done it without you!

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