60,000 turtle observations!

Shell yeah, we have more than 60,000 uploaded observations on iNaturalist Canada!

iNaturalist Canada is a powerful community science platform that allows people across the country to record the native and exotic species they see. Understanding what species occur in different parts of the country is important to protecting species and their habitats.

The Canadian Wildlife Federation's Help the Turtles (Aidons les tortues) project pulls together all the observations of turtles in Canada on iNaturalist. In June of this year, the project achieved a major milestone: 60,000 observations of turtles! More than 11,000 people have contributed observations of turtles in Canada, from British Columbia to Nova Scotia and every province in between. What can we learn from these observations?

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Freshwater turtles as a whole are in decline throughout Canada. The Canadian Wildlife Federation's (CWF) initiative is working to change this and we need your help.
Knowing where turtles are found and unfortunately being hit on roads is an important first step to fixing the problem. Tallying everyone's observations will help us target which roads we need to look at for ...more ↓

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