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We hope you've still been getting outside this Spring and submitting observations to our Herps of Ontario project! Please note that the Terms & Rules for this project have been updated and we no longer require you to provide your email when submitting observations. If you would like to remove your email from past observations, you may do so through the 'Edit Observations' tab in your iNaturalist account. You can reach us at if you have any questions. Thanks everyone and happy herping!

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Posted on June 02, 2020 09:28 PM by brittneyv1 brittneyv1


I'm staying in London ontario for work this week and this morning when I left the hotel I found someone at the door. There was a frog stuck to the glass of the side door of my hotel. I researched it and it was a grey tree frog. I had never seen one before. I helped him onto the closest tree before leaving for work. I was afraid it would get hurt when other people were leaving in the morning

Posted by marklewin over 3 years ago

The Spiny softshell is a medium-large freshwater turtle that is easily recognized by its shell, which is round, rather flat, leathery and can reach up to 54 centimetres long. It is also distinguished by its snorkel-like snout. Unlike any other Ontario turtles, this species has a soft shell.
2020-06-10 @ 10:30 am
With a shell diameter of 16” (approx.) laid eggs at the riverfront beach at 9490 Malden Rd. , River Canard Ont .N9J 2W2
It is the second turtle nest at the beach in the past two days.

Posted by timgmeloche over 3 years ago

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