Mystery mine on Lantana

Another commonly observed mystery leafminer that I'm hoping someone can collect and rear: An Ophiomyia species (Agromyzidae) that forms winding linear mines on Lantana camara, L. x hybrida, and maybe other Lantana spp., in California, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The well-known species O. camarae makes a mine based on the midrib, with short extensions into the blade along either side:
photo of Ophiomyia mine in a Lantana leaf @silversea_starsong, Mission, TX, 11/5/2021
The mystery mines are not based on the midrib, although they sometimes have similar short branches where they encounter lateral veins. It's conceivable that they are made by the same species, but adults ...more ↓

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Leafminers are insect larvae that live and feed between the epidermal layers of leaves. In North America they include at least 40 families of moths, 10 families of flies, 6 families of beetles, and 2 families of sawflies. I am interested in seeing any photos of North American leaf mines that are posted to iNaturalist, so I invite you to include yours in this project (and please spread the ...more ↓

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