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May 04, 2021

observation field: tree seedlings

New observation field!


Hopefully it helps IDing little tree seedlings in future.


  • none
  • cotyledon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cotyledon, in german: Keimblätter)
  • primary (first leaves following the cotyledon leaves, in german: Primärblätter)
  • more (primary leaves and further leaves are there)

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April 01, 2021

observation field: double-flowered in the wild

Hi there,

another one https://www.inaturalist.org/observation_fields/13384

Seen many double-flowered Galanthus lately, and thought it would be nice to tag them, hoping not to see too many of them, too.


  • yes, vicinity of single-flowered ones: yes (less than 1 m)
  • yes, vicinity of single-flowered ones: yes (more than 1 m)
  • yes, vicinity of single-flowered ones: no
  • yes, vicinity of single-flowered ones: don't know

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March 22, 2021

Eschensterben, Projekt und Beobachtungsfelder Tree dieback

nach den Ahornen gibt es nun leider auch viele sieche Eschen. Zum schnellen Taggen von regional/überregional auffällig oft betroffenen Baumarten gibt es jetzt ein allgemein gehaltenes Projekt https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/tree-dieback. Ich hoffe es können auch viele besonders gesund und prächtig aussehende Eschenexemplare im Auwald markiert werden ...

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March 17, 2021

observation field: re-visited observation spot

Hi everyone,

another observation field! re-visiting e.g. a tree often and want to link all observations of the tree itself as well as lichen, fungi, bugs&beetles, spiders, etc.? Create a unique name and go :)

Want to add your favorite beetle or myxo tree trunks here? Let me know in the comments, (best with the main observation that has already added the field). Cheers Monika
Appendix: url click list with value names already in use

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December 11, 2020

observation field: Animal traces & annotation group: Life stage

Hi there,

today I experienced that I need some additional search options in order to find specific observations of my own, and created an observation field in order to filter the search for animal traces. Maybe some of you might want to use it as well, so I thought I share it here ;-)

Note that there are no values for eggs, larval stage cocoons and so on, as they can be searched for with the life stage annotations.
  • &term_id= 1 (for annotation group life stage)
  • &term_value_id= - the value within the group, e.g. 2=Adult, 3=Teneral, 4=Pupa, 5=Nymph, 6=Larva, 7=Egg, 8=Juvenile, 16=Subimago
  • only for observations stuck in higher taxa ID where wanted life stage annotation is not available, I added a value: lifestageannot pending
Happy for hints for missing options in this observation field. Have fun tracking traces! Cheers Monika
Appendix: url click list with value names & short explanation in brackets, which is not part of the actual value Observation field: Animal traces Life stage annotations

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July 30, 2020


Hello everybody,

I thought it might be good to have a journal entry to discuss/collect News about the Leipzig Riverside Forest in the comments.

And here it is ;-)

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June 22, 2020

Federal Administrative Court Decision on Forestry inside Leipzig Riverside Forest Area

there is still a bit "hick and hack" regarding the interpretation what the Decision of the Federal Administrative Court Leipzig exactly means for future forestry actions (and I couldn't find any source from the Court itself yet), but the bottom line is that in a lawsuite by Nukla (Naturschutz und Kunst – Leipziger Auwald e.V.) vs. the City of Leipzig, Nukla won.

The lawsuit was against a planned clearcutting inside the Special Area of Conservation of the Leipziger Auwald. While Forestry will still be allowed in the Leipzig Riverside Forest, the Forestry plans will have to be checked stricter for Environmental Compatibility.

Some information found in the web on the matter (all in German):

Does anybody know more about it?

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June 05, 2020

Leipzig Riverside Forest Rarities

This short note is to celebrate @jansson red list observation of Pedostrangalia revestita – Congratulations and happy joy!*

What other rare species, rarely observed species or maybe just very very special species do we already have? Share in the comments! (red kites do not count ;-) )

  • observation took place in the area of the Leipzig Riverside Forest, but due to the red list status the exact postion is hidden (red rectangle), and therefore does not appear in our project, but hey, nevertheless!

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September 08, 2019


Thanks to so many hardworking bees and determining experts out there around the clock our Leipzig Riverside Forest project already counts more than one thousand species!

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