Marrowstone-Indian Island Isthmus's News

June 12, 2019

Full Moon - Low Tides

I'm looking ahead to when to continue documentation of the biota of the isthmus between Indian and Marrowstone Islands. There is a neap tide today, so it will be a few days before low water will allow us to explore more of the low intertidal.

There are minus tides around the full moon next week (Monday), I want to take a close look at the existing channel from the causeway culvert north. I'd be happy to have some help with that. Let me know which day, Saturday (6/15) through Wednesday (6/19), works for you.

My favorite web site for tidal predictions is:

If you use Facebook, I think that might be the easiest place to coordinate. Here's the group I would like to use:

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June 04, 2019

iNat Project Launch

Work is about to commence on the restoration construction to remove a culvert and causeway roadbed between Indian Island and Marrowstone Island. A new bridge will be installed, and the dunes and wetlands returned to historical status. The objective is to restore the tidal flow between Kilisut Harbor and Oak Bay.

This iNaturalist project is meant to provide documentation of the species in the area of the restoration. It will be a before and after snapshot at the least. At best, it will document potentially vulnerable species that NOSC might want to know about, and want to apply mitigation remedies.

Please consider joining and contributing to this project.

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