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2017 Norfolk Forest IBA BioBlitz Summary

Here’s a quick summary of the Norfolk Forest IBA BioBlitz. With your amazing efforts, our final count is just over 1470 species and you all contributed a whopping 3824 observations! Collectively we identified over 120 bird species, 618 plant species, 649 insect species (including an astounding 388 moth species!), as well as reptiles, amphibians, freshwater mussels, bats, and fish (breakdown below). Highlights included tallying an impressive 67 species at risk, including Acadian Flycatcher, Prothonotary Warbler, Eastern Fox Snake, and Hognose Snake; and rarities like Dickcissel, Perfoliate Bellwort, Schreber's Wood Aster, and Putty Root.

Here are a few articles that we have written about BioBlitzing and our event:

Bird Studies Canada (BSC) featured a blog about the Norfolk Forest IBA and other BioBlitzes this summer: ...more ↓

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Norfolk Forest Important Bird and Biodiversity Area BioBlitz (A Canada 150 Signature Project)

The aim of this event is to bring together taxonomic experts to intensively inventory all species in a 24-hour period, and compile the results into one data set. This is an exciting BioBlitz since it is our first ever IBA-focused BioBlitz, and because of the sheer biodiversity found in the ...more ↓

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