Feb 3, 2023 - North Segment - lots of live newts Friday

I surveyed the north segment alone from 9:39 am - 1:41 pm. Intermittent light/moderate rain, temperatures from 47 to 51 F, winds from 5 - 12 mph.

I documented a total of 310 newts:

  • 10 live California newts: 9 adults and 1 juvenile. 7 of them were heading towards the reservoir. The other 3, including the juvenile, were headed uphill away from the reservoir.
  • 3 injured California newts, all adults.
  • 297 dead newts: 211 on the uphill side and 96 on the reservoir side. All adults.

There were 58 cars, 27 trucks, 4 bikes, and 3 pedestrians

Other roadkill: bullfrog, something small and furry, earthworm

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The purpose of this project is to record the number of Pacific Newts killed on Alma Bridge Rd. near Lexington Reservoir during the migration season 2022-2023 in an effort to influence the Santa Clara County Roads Department to close the road or implement other mitigating measures to reduce the massive roadkill during newt migration season.

This project will be rolled up with other ...more ↓

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