iNaturalist changes

The team of admins running iNaturalist made recent changes to the layouts of three pages (Dashboard, Profile and Identify Observations). More importantly, it has revamped the Add Observations routine. It is much simpler now to add observations from your computer, especially when adding multiple observations. You may drag-and-drop or import photos directly. Once they are uploaded, the system will search the photos' metadata for species name, description, location, and tags, if you have added those. Then you can edit the observations individually, in groups, or as a whole. You can also combine multiple photos (of the same critter, mind you) into a single observation.

This new routine is so simple and painless that I am now going through old photos and uploading them. (Here is a description of the workflow I use.)

There have been no changes to the app.

Posted on July 15, 2016 11:27 PM by stevejones stevejones


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