Spiders Getting Into the Spirit of Halloween

The timing is perfect. Neighbourhoods are preparing for the one night of the year people of all ages have fun while being scared. Everywhere you go you see fake spider silk draped over shrubs and around porches - big swaths of webbing reminiscent of the movie Arachnophobia or scenes from Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Sometimes there is even a big scary spider tucked into the fake web. Watch out for Shelob!

Recently some real spiders in the Victoria area did something that looked like they were also getting into the spirit of Halloween by creating great swaths of real spider web in an area of Panama Flats. These mass dispersal ...more ↓

Posted on October 28, 2021 04:37 PM by dccopley dccopley | 1 comment | Leave a comment

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Project overview
The goal of this project is to document the diversity of spiders in British Columbia. We suspect there may be as many as 1000 species of spider (Order Araneae) inhabiting British Columbia, Canada, and there are still major gaps in our knowledge. So, in conjunction with our field work, we would like to integrate our own findings with the records we can incorporate from ...more ↓

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