Apple Inspections

Looking closely at one plant can reveal so many different things. Lets have a look at what we are currently seeing in apple trees - have you seen any of these pests and beneficials?

Apple leaf curling midge - a minor pest in apples. © Bonnie Zand, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC).

Don't confuse the insect pest hiding in the curled leaves above with this apple fungal disease

Apple Powdery Mildew. © Bonnie Zand, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC).

Where there is powdery mildew, look for this fungus eating lady beetle!

Twenty spot lady beetle. © Bonnie Zand, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC)

You might also be seeing some of these ...more ↓

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Let's document the pest, pollinators and beneficial insects found in Vancouver Island agriculture! If it is an insect and you see it in or around a farm or garden, add it to the project! Make a guess at what you are seeing, and fellow project members can help with ID suggestions. You can also tag your observations with Pest, Pollinator and Beneficial, and please fill in the form when you add ...more ↓

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