Taxonomy details for Molluscs (Phylum Mollusca)

Relationship: Match World Register of Marine Species
Phylum Mollusca (parent: Kingdom Animalia) Match Phylum Mollusca (parent: Kingdom Animalia)
Created by loarie on November 17, 2018

Defines a Taxon Framework for Mollusca sourced to MolluscaBase

Downstream coverage: rank family

Complete: true

Overlapping downstream Taxon Frameworks: 2
Attached Taxon Rank Downstream coverage rank Source
Bivalvia Class Subspecies MolluscaBase
Cephalopoda Class Subspecies MolluscaBase

Taxon Framework Relationships: 779

Deviations: 4

Taxon Curators:

Flagged covered taxa: 5

Taxon Framework notes:

Following MolluscaBase down to rank family.

bobby23 made a separate framework for Class Cephalopoda thats sorted all the way down to species
Lets do the same with the remaining 7 Mollusk classes. Anyone want to take one on?
Class Bivalvia
Class Caudofoveata
Class Gastropoda
Class Monoplacophora
Class Polyplacophora
Class Scaphopoda
Class Solenogastres