Taxonomy details for Lobe-finned Fishes (Class Sarcopterygii)

Relationship: Deviation World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)
Class Actinopterygii (parent: Subphylum Vertebrata) Many-to-many Superclass Gnathostomata (parent: Subphylum Vertebrata)
Class Sarcopterygii (parent: Subphylum Vertebrata) Superclass Pisces (parent: Superclass Gnathostomata)
Superclass Tetrapoda (parent: Superclass Gnathostomata)
Class Actinopterygii (parent: Superclass Pisces)
Class Cladistii (parent: Superclass Pisces)
Class Coelacanthi (parent: Superclass Pisces)
Class Dipneusti (parent: Superclass Pisces)
Class Sarcopterygii (parent: Superclass Pisces)

WoRMs includes Superclass Gnathostomata sister to Superclass Agnatha will all other Vertebrate classes. The only reason we're not including this node is that it would be disruptive to alter so many ancestries. WoRMs also includes Superclasses Tetrapoda and Pisces beneath Gnathostomata. We can't include them because iNat doesn't allow Superclasses to descend from Superclasses. But also Pisces is not monophyletic. WoRMs also includes an empty Cladistii alongside an overlapping Actinopterygii and Coelacanthi Dipneusti alongside an overlapping and empty Sarcopterygii. We're going with just Actinopterygii and Sarcopterygii at the moment.

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