Penny L.

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Studied environmental science at Stephen F. Austin State University (Deep East Texas). Worked as gardener/grounds keeper at the Pineywoods Native Plant Center during my bachelor's. Graduated with Master's degree 2012.

Most of my amatuer plant id skills came from studying alongside the SFASU forestry students, from Greg Grant (who was in charge of the PNPC at the time), from Hans Williams (Wetland professor), and from SFASU horticulture friends.

I've recently discovered the Texas Master Naturalists and am eagerly waiting to start the class!

I am a bit rusty since recovering from Lyme Disease and will need help with some id. Incidentally, try to dress so that you prevent exposure to ticks. Check yourself as soon as possible (it takes 4 hours to transfer the bacteria from tick to bloodstream). If you do find ticks on you, look up a YouTube video on how to properly remove them. Don't squeeze the body with tweezers! You can end up squeezing the stomach contents (and bacteria) into your bloodstream! Believe me, it's worth it to do it right. You could spend years diagnosing and recovering from a debilitating disease!

I'm excited to be back in the game now using iNaturalist to learn species in new areas!

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