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I seek out bryophytes and lichens, as well as the microbes that reside among them. I also post freshwater microbes and support NOAA's Phytoplankton Monitoring Network.

Mosses are my main interest, and I have ambitions to eventually make a local moss flora. Currently the best moss resources for the Salt Lake area are a combination of Flora of North America, Seville Flower's 50 year old book "Utah: Mosses and the West", and then a hodgepodge of floras for nearby areas, global monographs, journal articles, websites, and iNaturalist. This is actually a really good situation, but it could always be a little bit better.

I also attempt to cultivate moss and try to think of ways urban areas can be modified to allow for more moss to grow, such as by replacing wood mulch under trees in public parks with compacted dirt to foster Bryum argenteum. Whether such changes are a good idea when more than just the health of moss populations are considered is beyond the scope of my musings.

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