Compiled from BugGuide and the CAS Entomology General Collection Database (Filter: Family=%Otitidae%;Country=U.S.A.;StateProv=%CA%;). Tried GBIF, Essig, Bohart, and the Smithsonian, but they had very few records, and most of those were of taxa no longer in this family or already represented in the CAS data. Missing names include Euxesta putricola from CAS which didn't import and couldn't be found anywhere, and Lipsanini, a tribe which didn't seem to add much to this list. All data imported 22 Feb 2016. This list is probably not comprehensive, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's close. Could clearly be improved with some literature mining.

 - Photo (c) Lorin Timaeus, some rights reserved (CC BY), uploaded by Lorin Timaeus Check list for Family Ulidiidae
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