Lichens of Nova Scotia, Canada


Mainly macrolichens, based on those species listed in the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre non-vascular species ranks for Nova Scotia.

Witch's-hair Lichen
Alectoria fallacina
Witch's Hair 1
Alectoria sarmentosa
Scale Beret Lichen 3
Baeomyces carneus
Brown Beret Lichen 4
Baeomyces rufus
Pink Earth Lichen 5
Dibaeis baeomyces
Candleflame Lichen 6
Candelaria concolor
gold dust lichen 7
Chrysothrix candelaris
Cladina arbuscula 8
Cladonia arbuscula
Cladina conspicua
Cladonia conspicua
Cladina mitis 9
Cladonia arbuscula mitis
Cladina rangiferina
Cladonia rangiferina
Cladina stellaris 10
Cladonia stellaris
Cladina stygia 4
Cladonia stygia
Cladina subtenuis 7
Cladonia subtenuis
Cladina terrae-novae 11
Cladonia terrae-novae
Black-footed Pixie Cup 12
Cladonia albonigra
Stalkless Cladonia 7
Cladonia apodocarpa
Boreal Cup Lichen 13
Cladonia borealis
Fishnet Cladonia 14
Cladonia boryi
Wooden Soldiers Lichen 15
Cladonia botrytes
Stubby-stalked Cladonia 16
Cladonia caespiticia
Split-peg Lichen 17
Cladonia cariosa
Crowned Pixie-cup 18
Cladonia carneola
Powdered Funnel Lichen 19
Cladonia cenotea
Browned Pixie-cup Lichen 7
Cladonia cervicornis
Mealy Pixie Cup 21
Cladonia chlorophaea
Cup Lichen 22
Cladonia coccifera
Common Powderhorn 23
Cladonia coniocraea
Bighorn Lichen 7
Cladonia cornuta
Cladonia cornuta ssp. cornuta
Cladonia cornuta cornuta
Cladonia cornuta ssp. groenlandica
Cladonia cornuta groenlandica
Organ-pipe Lichen 17
Cladonia crispata
British soldier lichen 24
Cladonia cristatella
Lesser Sulphur-cup Lichen 25
Cladonia deformis
Finger Cup Lichen 16
Cladonia digitata
Prostrate Thorn Cladonia 26
Cladonia dimorphoclada
Trumpet Lichen 6
Cladonia fimbriata
Gritty British soldiers lichen 27
Cladonia floerkeana
many-forked cladonia 28
Cladonia furcata
Smooth Horn Lichen 29
Cladonia gracilis
Cladonia gracilis ssp. elongata
Cladonia gracilis elongata
Cladonia gracilis ssp. gracilis 30
Cladonia gracilis gracilis
Cladonia gracilis ssp. turbinata 31
Cladonia gracilis turbinata
Cladonia gracilis ssp. vulnerata 32
Cladonia gracilis vulnerata
Gray's Cup Lichen 33
Cladonia grayi
Cladonia macilenta var. bacillaris 27
Cladonia macilenta bacillaris
Bullet-proof Pixie Lichen
Cladonia macroceras
Fig-leaved Pixie Lichen
Cladonia macrophylla
Giant Cladonia Lichen 35
Cladonia maxima
Gritty Pixie-cup Lichen
Cladonia merochlorophaea
Reptilian Pixie-cup Lichen
Cladonia metacorallifera
Sieve Lichen 1
Cladonia multiformis
Cup Lichen 27
Cladonia peziziformis
Felt Horn Lichen 4
Cladonia phyllophora
Red-fruited Pixie Cup 19
Cladonia pleurota
Rosette Pixie-cup Lichen 4
Cladonia pocillum
Reindeer Lichen 38
Cladonia portentosa
Pebbled Pixie Cup 39
Cladonia pyxidata
Branched Pixie-cup Lichen 16
Cladonia ramulosa
Slender Ladder Lichen
Cladonia rappii
Wand Lichen 40
Cladonia rei
Mealy Forked Cladonia 41
Cladonia scabriuscula
Dragon Horn 42
Cladonia squamosa
Olive Cladonia 27
Cladonia strepsilis
Peg Lichen 43
Cladonia subcariosa
Antlered Powderhorn
Cladonia subulata
Greater Sulphur-cup Lichen 44
Cladonia sulphurina
Crazy Scale Lichen 45
Cladonia turgida
Thorn Lichen 46
Cladonia uncialis
False Reindeer Lichen 47
Cladonia wainioi
Nipple Lichen 17
Pycnothelia papillaria
Coccocarpia Lichen 7
Coccocarpia palmicola
Collema bachmanianum 16
Enchylium bachmanianum
Crinkled Pulp Lichen
Collema crispum
Collema cristatum
Lathagrium cristatum
Flaking Tarpaper Lichen 16
Collema flaccidum
Effervescent Tarpaper Lichen 7
Collema furfuraceum
Collema fuscovirens 4
Lathagrium fuscovirens
Collema limosum 48
Enchylium limosum
Blistered Jelly Lichen 3
Collema nigrescens
Collema occultatum 16
Rostania occultata
Tree Jelly 19
Collema subflaccidum

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