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June 21, 2013

A post from earlier in Spring...

This year has been extraordinary. Last fall, Anne's bay trees were giving off so many bay nuts that the streets were covered. No one noticed that at the base of the tree there was a huge Artist's conk. And sure enough, during the big storms, two of the trees came crashing down into the street. The electric company took the tops off the other five and now our deck and front yard have a lot more noon time sunlight. Later in the year, we'll get even more. The fig tree should give more fruit than last year with the additional sun, and I can already see two. We discovered a finch nest right at the corner of the house in some rocks that she lined with dry grass. Yesterday I looked inside with a mirror and found three tiny babies, already hatched. We also found a family of ribbon salamanders under a log in the backyard when we were cleaning it up. I found another one under a flower pot down by the old hot tub. Last year I saw a racer and alligator lizard in the rocks of the first terrace but this year nothing so far. Maybe it is still too cold. However there are lots of wild onions that have popped up along the street, and Russ' wild rose is blooming right now and his wild plum tree (that's what he calls it) is loaded with fruit. We have what looks like a steelhead getting big in Lukas' swimming hole in Hobson creek but he hasn't made it to the big river and will die when the pools of water start to dry up. The mushrooms are almost all gone now, and the horsetails are coming up instead. The soaproot has taken over and is getting quite big. There was a little bit of poison oak in the backyard which I removed and then I put vinegar onto the roots. I cleaned the vines off the old stump in the front but it's already growing back furiously. It was nice the see the redwood sorrel came back and bloomed right away in the stump but is slowly being choked out.

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