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March 01, 2016

Thanks for braving the cold!

Thank you all for spending Friday afternoon at Constitution Gardens with me and @jbrown! To date, 32 of our group uploaded 219 observations of at least 31 different species. Twenty-four people have helped so far with identifications. Don't forget to check back at your own observation to see if others have added identifications that you can agree with to grow our species count.

You can tag users in a journal post so here's an example of how that works. Thank you @aballantine @carleylovorn @desertjul @elarson @geogannie @kathy_langley @khumes @krupa217 @natgeomeghan and @yankeegeographer1 for joining the project!

If you want to get updates about journal posts like this, you can still join the project @north @vdomingo @hbfeducation @jaylyon @saskia2 @elamdavis @john58 @kelly32 @davidlanegran @jlelder @sethdixon @gbekiss @herb2 @christopherale @somdahl-sands @edward7 @michaeldemers @jbrown @elisa2 @marilynweiser @parisa @pephillips and @taniaverissimo.

Here are some useful links that you can share with others or review to refresh your memory on some of the topics we covered:

Thanks again for making so many observations despite the cold. Now you can see what's possible even in an urban area on a less-than-ideal day!


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March 10, 2016

What kind of BioBlitz swag would you actually use?

For the upcoming National Parks BioBlitz in DC, I would like to offer some items that people would find truly useful for improving the quality of the observations that they share on iNaturalist (no water bottles!) by making it easier to take photographs or more easily incorporating a scale object. I have a few ideas and I'd love to hear thoughts from the community. I created a very short form to collect responses, but you can also elaborate on your thoughts in the comments.

Bandana with a grid
It would probably be black fabric with a white 1-cm grid printed on it (we have to custom design and print it--I've never seen one of these before). I came up with this idea when I was photographing lots of fruits and seeds in grad school. It would provide a consistent background and scale for loose objects.

Slap bracelet with a ruler printed on it
Carry your scale object on your wrist! This would be another custom design. Would be easier to use in many circumstances than the bandana since it would be rigid.

Magnifying bookmark with a ruler on it
These are designed for reading and I'm not sure if the magnification would be useful at all in the field. I've ordered a couple of samples to test them out. They often have a string loop so you could carry it on your wrist.

Small Rite-in-the-rain notebook
Depending on your inaturalist workflow, it could be useful to have a notebook to jot down species names (if you're with an expert) or other observations.

Viewing box with magnifying lens
I love these things. Not easy to print "BioBlitz" on, but super useful.

Thanks for your input!

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