May 13, 2016

Oh the Shame!

So I've been busy as a Bombus preparing data management for the National Park Service Centennial BioBlitzes. The other Centennial Data Rangers (@geobudde, @biogeek5 , @alliepetersen , @kellycoy) and I have been working closely with @loarie , @carrieseltzer , and @tiwane to get things ready for the bioblitzes happening this year, and especially for the big week of May 16-22.

One of the projects we've set up is the NPS Servicewide project for tracking observations across the whole NPS for the whole of 2016.

I decided to check out the leaderboard to see who's made the most observations in the NPS for 2016 and started scrolling to find my username... and scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling until I finally found it... in position #397!?!?

NPS BioBlitz 2016 leaderboard

This is a sad state of affairs and completely unacceptable.

I'm putting the iNaturalist community on notice to watch their backs, because I'm coming for you when it comes to observations in national parks! So, watch out @flygrl67 - you're next and @silversea_starsong , it may take me while to catch you, but I'm game for trying!


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