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October 08, 2021

Working List of Eupithecia in Alabama

The following is a list of moth species in the genus Eupithecia observed in Alabama. This list is compiled from my observations/collections and should not be seen as complete or the result of an exhaustive record/collection search. If I come across additional verified species from other sources I will update accordingly. All of the specimens below have been dissected and determined by JoAnne Russo (@joannerusso).

Eupithecia peckorum (7453) | MPG

REMARKS | Flight Period: spring and fall. Verified specimens March & October (Bullock Co.).

Eupithecia columbiata (7459) | MPG

REMARKS | Flight Period: spring. One verified specimen from Huntsville (Madison Co.) in late April. This may be the first record of this species in the state.

Eupithecia miserulata (7474) | MPG

REMARKS | Flight Period: presumed year-round. Most common and most frequently encountered species in the state.

Eupithecia jejunata (7486) | MPG

REMARKS | Flight Period: late winter-spring. Verified specimens late February–early March (Bullock Co.)

Eupithecia fletcherata (7491) | MPG

REMARKS | Flight Period: Summer (maybe spring?). Verified specimens mid–August (Madison Co.)

Eupithecia matheri (7509.1) | MPG

REMARKS | Flight Period: spring. Verified specimens early March (Bullock Co.).

Eupithecia swettii (7530) | MPG

REMARKS | Flight Period: spring. Verified specimens early March (Bullock Co.).

DISCUSSION | In contrast with the common and frequently encountered misuralata, swettii, jejunata and matheri have a much shorter flight period. Late February–March appears to be the best time to look for them in south Alabama. March-early April may be peak time for north Alabama. Fall provides an additional opportunity to find peckorum. E. columbiata and fletcherata may be restricted to mountains and ridges of NE Alabama—the closest records on MPG are in the southern Appalachian mountains of TN and NC.

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October 26, 2021

Lake Almanor, Plumas Co., CA (Sep 2019) (Trip)

Two nights blacklighting at Lake Almanor, CA. Temperatures ranged from the low 40s to mid 80s (°F).


Photo showing light setup and habitat in background.

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