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November 29, 2020

Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Hawk Owl, an owl in hawk's clothing. It is a fitting description
considering the bird’s appearance and behaviour. At first glance, the crow
sized Hawk Owl resembles an overgrown Kestrel. The wings are relatively
short and pointed and its flight is swift and direct. The tail is long and
wedge shaped. Another hawk-like similarity is its habit of perching on the
tops of power poles or dead trees to survey the ground for movement of
small mammals. When the prey is spotted it drops from its perch and bullets
towards its meal (usually a meadow vole). Hunting during the daylight makes
the Hawk Owl even more akin to hawks. Yet, with all these similarities, the
Hawk Owl’s large head, soft feathers and large yellow eyes mark it as a
true owl.

The reason it is called Northern Hawk Owl is that they are essentially a
sub-artic bird. Occasionally, though, they wander south during sever
winters when food shortages occur in the north.

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