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October 02, 2020

September 29, 2020. Insects

Sept 29, 2020 in Marion backyard. 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Cloudy. Iphone 10.

I turned on my iphone camera, made the screen view largest possible (to get closeup shots), focused on insect and centered it on screen. Moving in and out with phone, I selected the clearest image and snapped the photo. Then I took different perspectives, top, front, side, and rear view of insect. I uploaded the best photos under my observations in inaturalist.

I walked across the sidewalk and spotted a cricket that didn't move (cold?).
I took a couple of photos, but when I attempted to get a front shot it jumped into the grass and I lost it. As I walked further in the grass, a moth flew out and landed about 10 feet away. I followed and when I found it again, used my procedure above to take photos. I addition, the oak leaves on the ground had red balls on them. Examining it, I also saw 2 tiny insects and some black spots and took photos being certain to center each for clarity.
I uploaded the following: photo 2347 of Fall Field cricket, photo 2363 of Chickweed Geometer moth in grass, photo 2247 oak lace bug, and photo 2242 Genus Eratoneura (leafhopper), photo 2254 Clustered Midrib Gall Wasp.

I observed the leaves on milkweed plants, turning them over and found several insects. The leaf hopper was on top of the topmost leaf (sunshine hit it) and didn't move (cold?). The moth caterpillar was on the underside of the bottom-most leaf and did not move either. Most were not active because the temperature was cool. However, the spider moved around rapidly as I attempted to take a photo. I had to flip the leaf from topside to underside and back several times as it tried to avoid me (or the sun). This made it difficult to get a photo. So I took several shots and was able to get a few good ones.

Results: photo 2275 Isabella Tiger moth caterpillar, photo 2266 Red-banded leafhopper, photo 2419 Monarch Butterfly egg, photo 2409 Order Araneae (spider), and photo 2390 Oleander aphid.
Uploaded to inaturalist for identification.

I will continue to use the same process for taking photos as it worked well.

September 30, 2020. ID's above verified.

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