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September 12, 2022

Euphorbia polycarpa tubular galls

This gall is one I've seen before on Euphorbia polycarpa in the area, but this year there are literally thousands of the things densely covering many individual plants, many of them within handy reach just off my porch. I've been trying to raise the galls with some success, though I'm not sure I've capture the responsible organism. Larvae are all similar and are included in the first observation below; there is also a pupa, bearing some similarity with the chacidoid wasp. First adults to appear were the parasitoid chalcidoid wasp linked below. Next was the smaller four-winged insect also below. I'm at a loss to ID that one even to order. The individual photographed has some coordination issues. Photos aren't great, but equipment is limited and depth of field suffers.
I also found similar galls on Euphorbia melanadenia in a branch of Rackensack Canyon (third observation).

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