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November 11, 2020

Who would like to learn about the seashells of the northeastern US?

If anyone reading this lives in the Tri-State area, in or not too far from NYC, and has some interest, I would be perfectly happy to train someone so that they could learn what they need to know about shells in order to really get into the subject.

I know one local sheller on Long Island, NY, Steven Rosenthal, who is very good indeed, and extremely knowledgeable. He is not as old as I am, but he is no spring chicken. He and I were both saying that it would be great to have some younger people with a serious interest in the local shells. Both Long Island and NYC used to have their own, very active shell clubs, but not any more.

Please let me know (drop me a message) if I can help you learn about the local shells of our area, assuming you have some degree of interest.

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Plumb Beach, Brooklyn, NYC, marine life

I was very fortunate that an iNat friend of mine was kind enough to drive myself and my husband on an iNat outing this Sunday. We stopped at three places, but our main destination was Plumb Beach, Brooklyn, off of the Belt Parkway. Plumb Beach is named after the Beach Plums which used to grow profusely there. Plumb Beach faces across the water to the eastern end of the Rockaway Peninsula.

The beach was very rich in beach drift of all kinds of marine organisms, including 19 species of marine mollusks, but also several species of crabs, as well as other invertebrates, and I even made observations of a few birds and salt-tolerant plants.

I found one shell of a Dove Snail which almost never occurs this far west on Long Island, so that was thrilling.

I also found one valve of a species of Venus Clam which supposedly does not occur at all on the East Coast. -- the Japanese Littleneck, aka the Manilla Clam. I suppose that valve was probably just a remnant of someone's seafood dinner or lunch.

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