December 29, 2016

December 26, 2016- Bald Eagle along the Ottawa- A Photo Missed Due to Ice Rain

What a site- a bald eagle was feasting on a dead critter along side two black birds. Unfortunately it was seen from our speeding car. The family was racing back from our Christmas visit with my parents hoping to reach the hour-long drive without incident. Freezing rain warnings were all over the forecasts and the rain was starting to pelt down on us. We decided we should go straight home without stopping. How I would have loved to photograph that bald eagle! Sad Eyes!

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September 26, 2015

The Fall Migration is On!

So many birds today. The migration is definitely on! Robins, cedar waxwings, warblers, brown creeper, white-throated sparrows, chipping sparrows, cardinals, chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, blue jays, catbirds, hairy woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers, yellow-bellied sapsuckers, a wren, a possible kinglet, and Canada geese. The Eastern cottontail has returned in the back field. Every chipmunk is out collecting seed for a long winter to come. Fall is here.

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June 15, 2015

Collecting ancient Ordovician fossils near Ottawa, Ontario

June 13, 2015- Today I collected reef organisms from along Highway 7 near Stittsville, Ontario. I found trilobite fragments and tabulate coral colonies.

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