Kari Moreland

Joined: Oct 19, 2020 Last Active: Jul 11, 2024 iNaturalist Canada

I am a biology teacher at Fanshawe College. I enjoy going for hikes whenever and wherever I can, and am mostly looking at the trees. I use iNaturalist to learn more about the other plants, fungi, insects that I'm seeing.

I often bring my children hiking with me to teach them to appreciate nature. My goal is to be able to answer all (or at least more) of their questions when they ask "What is that?"

In 2023, I started the City Nature Challenge in London. The CNC is a global community science event where cities compete to make the most iNaturalist observations during a 4-day window of time at the end of April. Learn more at CNCLdnOnt.ca

I enjoy encouraging others to get outside and think that iNaturalist is a great tool to help us feel more connected with nature.

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