Quinten Wiegersma

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I'm into pretty much everything, though I am most interested in birds, fish, herps, moths, butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies. I dabble in botany from time to time, with a growing obsession for moss. Trying to wrap my head around mycology and bryology. Lichens are a bit of a learning curve! I find enjoyment in exploring my local area and am always amazed by the diversity of life that can be found right at your doorstep. I aim to one day become a 100% naturalist.

With every mistake I make, I learn a little more!

I record my adventures on my blog (Birds, Bugs, and Botany)

Here is my eBird profile

Birds- Anatidae
Butterflies- Lycaenidae
Moths- Crambidae
Dragonflies- Sympetrum
Damselflies- Lestes
Fish - Etheostoma

Over the course of 2019, I am doing a Nature Big Year with some friends!

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