Quinten Wiegersma

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It started with the birds, and soon expanded to all life forms. Other than birds, my primary interests are odonates (dragonflies and damselflies), butterflies, moths, plants, fish, and fungi, though I am down to learn about anything in the natural world! I love Carex and bryophytes! I am not a professional by any means, just a high school student who enjoys spending my free time, and then some, outside (or peering down a microscope). I find enjoyment in exploring my local area and am always amazed by the diversity of life that can be found right at your doorstep. That being said, I enjoy exploring new areas as well! I aim to one day become a 100% naturalist.

With every mistake I make, I learn a little more!

Happy to help out with identifications where I can!

I record my adventures on my blog (Birds, Bugs, and Botany)

Here is my eBird profile

My iNaturalist Ontario list

Favourite groups:
Birds- Anatidae and Charadriiformes
Butterflies- Lycaenidae
Moths- Crambidae
Dragonflies- Sympetrum
Damselflies- Lestes
Fish - Etheostoma and Noturus
Plants - Carex

Over the course of 2019, I am doing a Nature Big Year with some friends!

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