Benny Albro

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I started as a birder, but was always curious about how everything fit together. When I discovered iNaturalist I realized I didn't just have to be a mediocre bird watcher.... I could be a mediocre naturalist! I tend to photograph whatever catches my eye or interests me... and that changes day to day. I am not an expert on anything... don't trust my identifications... but feel free to ask me about them. I'm also very open to corrections or even criticism... I want to get things right. I generally use a 300mm lens or my iPhone... both setups can be challenging for me, but I have gotten some nice photos from time to time. I generally post if I think it has any chance of being ID'd... but I'm not caught up in getting everything to species.

Reading the inat forum has been educational, and showed me the importance of identifying for others. I try to stay where I'm comfortable, mainly birds and mainly around the eastern US. I feel a bit more comfortable now IDing some of my local wildlife, but I still mess up. Feel free to contact me for any reason, but I'm usually only on the site for a little while each day. Thanks to all the contributors, curators and identifiers!

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