Brian Starzomski

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I live in Victoria, British Columbia, though I spend a lot of time in northwestern Ontario and Nova Scotia, too. I think iNaturalist is a wonderful and important tool, and am thrilled by the community: so many observers, so many kind and helpful identifiers, and so many people looking to learn more about nature. It takes a little while to get to know how to use iNat (the most important tip someone taught me: turn off automatic uploads on your phone so you don't waste your data in the field. You can still get an ID without uploading if you want), but the potential is huge once you do. It's a permanent record of what's out there in nature, and that's a really important contribution to our understanding of the natural world. iNat is also really fun.

I'm a professional biologist though far from a perfect naturalist: I make mistakes all the time. I'm grateful for all the ID help I get from the community here. Since I'm lucky to spend a lot of time in nature I've taken it as a responsibility to go out and come back with a good story and a better understanding of what's out there: I try to get as many observations as I can everywhere I go. As a scientist I know how important lots of people making lots of observations can be.

My day job:, and my main iNat project (co-lead with @johndreynolds): A big Platanthera stricta:

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