Liam Hopkins

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Oregon State Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences '27

Colorado based animal-lover, with a particular interest in decapod crustaceans and herpetofauna. Originally from Jefferson County, CO, but recently relocated to Corvallis, OR.

Specialty in identifying decapod crustaceans of the North American west coast, from the southern border to southern Alaska. Specific interest/specialty with lithodidae, xanthoidae, alpheidae, and cancroidae, but comfortable with all taxa, and excited by all as well! Most experience in central Oregon and San Diego County.

Colorado naturalist, with interest/expertise in our native herpetofauna, as well as aquatic macroinvertebrates, waterfowl, shorebirds, birds of prey, mammals, and some fungi.

Avid tidepooler when I'm on the coast! Really enjoy echinoderms, nudibranches, and cephalopods, along with decapods.

I use iNaturalist to track every animal I encounter (as well as some plants and fungi), and post everything I get a photo of here. I love this website, and am truly an iNat addict!

Worked/Associated With
-City of Lakewood Parks
-Colorado Natural Heritage Program
-Colorado Parks and Wildlife
-Colorado Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation
-Oregon Fish and Wildlife
-Oregon State University

Experience in the captive husbandry of freshwater crustaceans, in particular- Parathelphusa, Syntripsa, Geosesarma, Aegla, and Lepidothelphusa, as well as Sulawesi Caridea

Hope to see you in the field!

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