David McLay

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I primarily approach the natural world from a photography perspective. I have been doing photography ever since grade 12 in High School. I began seriously photographing nature during the Covid 19 lockdowns. After watching a number of nature and landscape photographers on Youtube describe some techniques I decided that I can do that. I do almost all my nature photography in Metro Toronto. Some might find that strange since they might ask what opportunities are there for a nature photographer in Toronto. But in Toronto there is a rich diversity of wildlife. From mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects to birds there is a rich tapestry to choose from. I primarily photograph birds, but will not pass up any other opportunities. Toronto has many ravine parks as well as parks on the Lake Ontario waterfront. I primarily travel the our raving parks and trail by bicycle so I can cover a fair distance. I find it very rewarding and challenging photographing nature. I try produce the best images I can and always striving to improve,

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