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I am a biology undergraduate minoring in writing, rhetoric, and communication. My main interests are in conservation ecology, evolutionary biology, and paleontology. I've always loved going outdoors and seeing what cool things I can find, and was very excited to discover iNat, as I can now upload my own discoveries and see everyone else's so that I can learn more about the amazing species around the world!

My knowledge of taxonomy varies from family to family (I like to think I'm generally more keen on the classes Mammalia and Aves, especially species in the Northeast United States, but I'm learning more and more about others every day!), so please feel free to correct me! iNat has already taught me so much, so a big thanks to everyone - you guys are awesome, I love it here! :^)

Other than the natural world and being outside, some things that I enjoy include cycling, camping, cartoons, and comics. I also really enjoy illustrating, especially scientific illustration and paleoart. I have an interest in cultures and languages as well.

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