Elora Jane

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I work as a soil, compost and ecology educator on Lekwungen territory. I am interested in all things ecology but have mostly focused on flowering plants (I am especially interested in mycoheterotrophs) and have a fast growing interest in Fungi. I am a board member of the South Vancouver Island Mycological Society (SVIMS) and help run the @svimsinatadmin page and facilitate species recording and documentation for SVIMS. I always appreciate help on the ID's and those who take the time to explain and answer questions- thank you, I have learned so much like this!

Through my job I teach citizen science workshops to students (and sometimes adults!) using Inaturalist. You can find student observations at @crdschoolsinat (sorry about the blurry photos lol) If you are a teacher or are connected with students from grade 6-12 and would like to host a workshop I would love to chat! My work email is education@compost.bc.ca

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