François L.

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Nature lover who has always spent time outdoors admiring all sorts of creatures and plants, I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of our natural world. I’m also very concerned about habitat loss, pollution and climate change.

So being able to share what I see, obtain help in identifying these wonders and learn through the process has made iNaturalist an extraordinary discovery for me!

No official training in biology or ecology, but analyst by trade, therefore rigorous enough in my comparisons, I hope... Thanks to all those who take some time to share their expertise in providing an identification.

Nature photography has always been a hobby, but it will go one level up now with a purpose and better equipment. Feel free to use my photographs as long as you don't make money out of them. You could also message me just so I know how my photos can be helpful to others.

A passionate snorkeler and certified diver, I’ll bring my Coolpix underwater more often now that I can share and have help to identify all these cool plants and animals in their natural habitat.

Feel free to use English, French of simple Spanish to communicate with me.

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