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Profile photo: Huttonia cf. palpimanoides by my awesome pal Gonzalo Giribet (@ggiribet)! His Instagram account: @invertebrados

I am a homeschooling Christian spider naturalist from Dayton, Ohio, who is writing a comprehensive book on spider families of the world. It will be self-published, will be sold non-profitably on, and is entitled A Field Guide to Spider Families of the World. It is a non-profit book that describes and illustrates all 132 current spider families with identification, biology, and many genera. No theories/religions/faiths included. I am writing it so I can gain extra credit for college. It is hoped that the book helps publicize new and/or recent discoveries in the diverse world of spiders! A lot of people suppose that the book will be very similar to Norm Platnick's Spiders of the World, but the entire book is actually very different. Whilst mine contains mostly identification, his mostly includes biology. I like to think of it as this: mine has what his doesn't but his has what mine doesn't. I find it somewhat annoying when people believe my book is just a complete copy of his book. I also find it annoying how a lot of people deny my requests because (and I know this is why) they think my book is going to be a complete copy. I have already had a few too many denials due to this reason.

What I do
I help spiders that I find naturally or unnaturally injured and then free them when they recover. So far, I have successfully saved well over 500 individual spiders from death, and there are many more to come. One individual wolf spider was found half crushed but completely recovered and reproduced. Most of the spiders in my observations are individuals I have raised.

What I hate
I hate it when people kill spiders, even when they are dangerous species. All spiders control insect and pest populations, so even the spiders that are dangerous help. Less than 10 people every year die from spiders and millions of spiders are killed every year by humans. Also, when a spider is collected for science (i.e., the spiders are killed for study purposes), I don't mind too much, but if they are just to keep in a specimen collection, I don't like it at all. To me, there's no point in collecting spiders if they aren't going to be contributed to science. That's why I never collect spiders unless they were found dead or died in captivity. I prefer to "spiderwatch" (to observe the behaviors of spiders without disturbing them).

What I can help with
I can suggest identifications for spiders anywhere, but my strong area of expertise is in the United States (particularly around Ohio), New Zealand, and in the Palpimanoidea. All you have to do is tag or message me to get my attention. If I take longer than 24 hours to respond, please tag or message me again. I used to make a lot of identifications, but because of my book, I mostly only identify what others tag me on and Palpimanoidea. This spring through fall, I plan to mostly write my book and photograph spiders. I sometimes make some identification mistakes, but as long as someone kindly points it out, I don't mind at all; however, if in a rude manner, I do not tend to act as friendly toward that user ever. I like being friendly toward other users, but if they aren't friendly to me, I unintentionally tend to be less friendly. Here's where I've identified before:

I try not to follow too many people, but sometimes I cannot resist! I follow people who let me use their photos, have outstanding photos, and/or are some of my best friends, or if they just follow me. Whoops... I'm already following like a bazillion people 😬

If you want to be informed when my book is finished, you must follow me and/or join the Spiders of Earth project otherwise I may forget your username and thus will not be able to inform you.

I'm also here on Flickr and a contributing editor on Spiders of Europe

Spider Taxonomy is a mess. There are too many arguments over what the most correct arrangement of the families is, so my book uses WSC despite that I disagree with a few things.

My favorite photographer is Nicky Bay (@nickybay) from Singapore.

~ In memory of Larry (my pet) (???-2021)
~ In memory of Dr. Norman I. Platnick (1951-2020).
~ In memory of Number 16 (1972/1973-2016).

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