Hyrum Baker

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I'm from the southern part of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona, and I'm curious about pretty much everything that's alive, especially if it lives in the same place as me. I've been making a book about all the plants in my area because I can't find any books that have all of them. Humans are my favorite but I also really like ferns, Apistogramma, Corydoras, cicadas, mosses, liverworts, cockroaches, lepidoptera, bunnies, and pretty much everything else. I want to learn more about ferns, mosses, and liverworts. And everything else. And if you want to talk to me for some reason, go ahead - I won't be bothered by you at all, I for sure have time to talk to you, and I probably won't think you're weird.
I'm currently at Eastern Arizona College learning lots of random things.
I would like to work on conservation of Poeciliopsis occidentalis, Oncorrhynchus gilae, Mannia californica, and Goodeidae.
Right now I'm learning a lot about bryophytes, and here is a list of resources I've found.

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