Jerry Kosanovich

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Jerry Kosanovich, Houston, Texas, USA. Retired in 2019, I dived enthusiastically into the world of the naturalist in 2020.

Now free to travel as of May 2021, my interest is eclectic but I enjoy exploring wildflowers, the flying insects that feed on them, and the spiders that feed on the flyers. I am fascinated by observing micro-ecosystems. This new universe of study is an endless one, and I am thankful to the over 130 individuals who have made the effort to encourage me with their ID opinions, and in many cases with their personal advice. It is a delight to be a member of the iNaturalist community.

This profile photo is me on the the Rio Frio river in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge close to the Nicaragua border in north-central Costa Rica (January 2022).

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