M. Hamza Arslan

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I'm in love with learning new things about nature every day. Inaturalist is a great community to be part of. I'm grateful to be learning from all iNaturalists.

I'm a keen naturalist and hobby photographer currently based in Egypt, previously Egypt and Türkiye. I like to observe and learn as much as I can about the fauna and flora in my reachable area, rest of the time dreaming about traveling to explore biodiversity hotspots around the world.

Posting only few of what I actually shoot, and mostly instant mobile shots as its easier to upload.
That being said, I hope to sit down one day and upload my actual photography archives in iNat as I have tons of field observations waiting to be uploaded.

Follow me on Instagram : @mhamzars

Projects :
Biodiversity of Türkiye | Türkiye’nin Biyoçeşitliliği 🇹🇷

Biodiversity of Malaysia 🇲🇾

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