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Back in 2018 I developed a growing interest in all things living. Funny enough, that next year I took Biology for my Sophomore year in High school by my teacher @adamlang (his Inat profile). That cemented my interest in exploring the woods, tracking animals or perhaps lichen on a dead tree. As a 17 year old who runs a mile to get to nearest forest with a backpack, a field guide, and sketchbook seems strange to most people, only to look for rabbits, fox's and what not, but I think its one of the coolest hobbies out there, and maybe even a career. Think of it. Your job is to play, and your office is the woods. Sounds like paradise.
My name is Ethan, My favorite creature is the Red Fox, My favorite novel is Watership Down, and My favorite sport is the game of Baseball (Go Cardinals). I also love to write stories and draw graphic novels to my favorite music to get my creative juices flowing.

I am planning to become a state Game Warden for Tennessee. East Tennessee, which is one of the most beautiful place I've been able to go is a large hunting society, and a place where hopefully I would be able to make a difference by protecting wildlife, and crucial ecosystems, but most importantly, protecting people.

If anyone has any advice that you are willing to give me, please message me on Inat, or email me at Inaturalist staff and team, you have really given me something to look forward to when life gets hard, and has inspired me in what I want to spend my life doing.

(as of October 9 2019, I changed my username from Watson135048, to spyinthewoods135048)
( As of April 5th, 2020, I changed my profile picture from the photo of me in London by Tower Bridge to a drawing I penciled and inked specifically for Inat.

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