Nicolas Lagière

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Based in Gard area, France. Always been passionate about Nature since I'm a child.

Scuba diver with a passion for Underwater Photography.
I usually dive in the cycladic islands but also all around the world, trying to photograph as much as possible.

I have a particular interest in Orchids, & especially European/Greek ones. I can help ID most of them, so if needed feel free to tag me on.

My other interests reside in Birds and more specifically Psittacidae, Reptiles, Amphibians, Nudibranchs & Marine life, as well as Flora in general.

Over time I'm keen to try to record, observe and ID as much as possible of Naxos island amazing biodiversity.
I love traveling-hiking-diving around the globe, so you will find a lot of observations made during those trips, and I'm always grateful to find help to ID them on iNat from locals experts.
So a big thanks to anyone reviewing any of my obs.

You can see more of my photographs on my insta page .

If you wish to use any of my photos for articles, publications, illustrations or else, please just PM me for request.
I'm always keen to help if I can. Please always advise first before using any, that's just the right thing to do.

Feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes & tell me why you might disagree with some of my IDs, I'm always happy to learn more & exchange! When I disagree on IDs or correct some, I always try to develop why, either to engage a discussion or to give tips for futures obs.
So don't be shy.

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