Disregard this if your a expert
I’m posting this because I thought I knew it all and was WRONG 😂
So I’m posting this for now on with my meadowlark observations
The last paragraph will be different depending on what it is or
What it’s not LMAO...

Of note this area from Red Rock to Green Valley Az is well documented as having Western’s, Eastern’s and Lilian’s meadowlarks have been told by many on here about this and I’ve personally have documented all three at the same time In one field thanks to some
U of Arizona and U of Kansas Students doing there doctoral research papers here last year
I’m calling this one a western based on calls and singing only or it’s a Eastern based on call and singing
Or meadowlark because I don’t know
Thank you

Posted on February 25, 2018 12:50 AM by ck2az ck2az


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