North side - 3/25/2020

March 25, 2020 (Wednesday) 10:00 am – 11:50 am: 0 live newts, 66 new dead newts, a few juveniles.
The weather was nice and sunny. Started raining and hailing after I got back into the car!
There was some rain in the past few days, especially at night.
All newts observed today were new, as I removed everything last week. Today I also removed everything from the road.
Other roadkills - some earthworms, 2 millipedes, 1 acorn woodpecker - I saw it only on my way back, so was killed while I was on the road. Looked intact, but dead, on the lake side of the road.
Coverage: north part - the county park parking lot till the second stop sign.
Rainfall: (MTD: 2.69 in; YTD: 17.90 in). Data from -
Traffic: 8 trucks, 39 cars (including County Parks maintenance pickup trucks), 4 bikes, 9 pedestrians.

Posted by merav merav, March 25, 2020 23:12



@merav, you saw so many juveniles (10?) this morning! It's so terribly sad.😢

Posted by truthseqr 2 months ago (Flag)

I know. They were really tiny.

Posted by merav 2 months ago (Flag)

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