100,000 observations from 60 users

Hey everyone what a fantastic achievement, the group has passed 100, 000 observations!

This has included observations from around Australia and beyond, I am truly amazed at the diversity we have discovered. Please let me know what is your favourite observation or species in the comments below.
The most commonly observed organism with 807 observations is the Magpie Gymnorhina tibicen in fact the top 5 are all birds! Have a look at all the 10,174 species we have catalogued here.

Magpie observed by
@twan3253 Mount Tomah NSW 2758, Australia
Unsurprisingly The European Honey Bee Apis mellifera with 447 observations has been the most commonly observed insect. However, the much more interesting Common Evening Brown Melanitis leda is not far behind with 304 observations

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