Some favorite third-party iNaturalist tools

Starting with one tool for now, and will add more (mostly curatorial in nature).
Print-ready Observations
Curatorial Tools


Click on
to bring up the printing utility, and read the following:

Usage Notes:

  • After a query, to start a new search, refresh the page with your browser first. This reactivates the Query button.
  • To get the various ID values needed, first find the observation(s) you want using the Filters in Explore. The needed ID values will then be part of the URL in the address bar of the Explore results. If it is a single observation, you can just use the observation number (ID) before the "?" in the URL. Unneeded IDs can be left blank.
  • Check/Uncheck the contents to print. For my usage, I
    CHECK: Identifications and Comments; Photos; Sounds; Annotations; Observation Fields; Data Quality Assessments; Map (detail)
    UNCHECK: Tags; Projects; Faves; Map (thumbnail)

  • Click Query to display the results to be printed. To make adjustments to the query, refresh your browser first.
  • Before printing, you can Zoom in or out on any or all of the result maps, and your zoom levels will be preserved in the printed results.
  • After you have the results you want, use your browser's Print function to send to a printer or PDF. There will be a page break between each observation.
  • Note the Observation License line (4th from top) and be sure your usage respects the observer's copyright level.
  • Note the Observation/Taxon Geoprivacy line just above the map. If either or both say obscured or private, the coordinates on and below the map will not be correct, even if you have permission to see the true coordinates (your own observation, trusted by another user individually or in a project, or network node administrator). There will also be a large Accuracy value (= error radius). You will need to retrieve the true coordinates and accuracy value separately, via whatever other view in iNaturalist allows you to see them, or by contacting the observer directly to see if they are willing to share them.
  • Whatever you print is only a snapshot in time. Observations are living records that can be updated by the iNaturalist community indefinitely.



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